Our Products

At Willis Engineering, we manufacture long-lasting products that, where possible, use off-the-shelf components for ease of service. We also manufacture to a standard that we believe is appropriate for the conditions your product is likely to encounter in the real world. By neither under nor over engineering an item, costs are always kept as low as practicable in context with the product being fit for its intended purpose and environment. We also apply ‘safety in design’ principles by considering how items will be interacted with by people, the environment the item is likely to or will be used in as well as how it will be safely used and maintained during its service life.

We maintain a high level of trace-ability over our products and repairs etc through a robust Job Number system. Referencing the Job # recorded on an item that has been through, repaired or manufactured at our works enables access to all aspects of drawings, inspections, work done and other known history in relation to the item.

The nature of work we perform falls into 2 basic categories. 1- Repair & Manufacture of earth-moving wheels and associated equipment. 2- General Engineering.

Willis Engineering has been manufacturing all manner of items and providing practical engineering solutions to a wide and diverse range of customers since its humble beginnings in 1976.

We have had a long association with many of Australia’s historical machinery societies, and continue to provide specialised skills to the Hotham Valley Railway, Perth Electric Tramway and many other machinery restorers.

We provide a wide range of services to Western Australia’s mining industry, most particularly the manufacture and repair of heavy earth-moving wheel rims along with many specialised wheel maintenance & workshop aids.

Our services include:

  • Product Design
  • Engineering Drafting & Stress Modelling
  • Fabrication
  • Submerged Arc automatic welding (on rotary weld positioners)
  • Machining (Turning to 2.5m dia)
  • NDT magnetic particle inspection with detailed reporting.
  • General machinery repairs and re-design
  • Shot Blasting (cabinet capacity to 2.5m dia and 1.8m high)
  • Painting

We pride ourselves on practical engineering solutions, friendly service and good advice.

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